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Angel Juicer 7500 – 100% Stainless Steel Juicer

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Angel Juicer – 100% Stainless Steel Juicer
Angel Juicer 7500 – SUS304

Best slow juicer: elegant, efficient, unique in taste
Make cold-pressed juices with the Angel Juicer, considered the best horizontal juicer in the industry.
There are slow juicers and then there is Angel Juicer. This horizontal juicer produces the best cold-pressed juices: uniquely full-bodied and velvety-soft in taste with maximum juice yield and nutrient density. The Angel Juicer emerged as the winner with the highest juice yield in our celery juicing test. Various third party tests showed that the Angel Juicer got up to 40-58% more juice out of various ingredients, up to 17 times more magnesium and 5 times more calcium compared to other juicers. This efficiency pays off in the long term! Especially if you like to make green juices from celery or wheatgrass and use hard ingredients like carrots.

An unrivalled premium juicer that is also made entirely from stainless steel rather than plastic. Another unique selling point that makes the Angel Juicer the best slow juicer. While the premium quality and the high-end gold version means the Angel Juicers are often referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce’ among the juicers, we don’t think this gives the product enough credit for what sets it apart from the rest of the market. Not only is the Angel Juicer of exceptional quality and materials, its superior juice yield can make up for the price difference in no time – and we’ve not even mentioned the health benefits yet.

The Angel Juicer is made entirely of stainless steel and uses the unique 3-phase pressing process, which is recommended among others, in the Gerson therapy. The Angel Juicer is also one of the most powerful slow juicers on the market and can handle the hardest foods. Even different types of needle leaves can be juiced. The use of high-quality stainless steel SUS 304 makes the Angel Juicer extremely robust. This makes it perfect for particularly intensive use. Especially for juice cleanses and juice therapies, such as the Gerson therapy, the Angel Juicer is the perfect device due to its high yield and high resilience. Unlike many other TwinGear juicers (meaning it has two instead of one roller), such as the Greenstar Elite, the Angel Juicer features LSCS ™ and MSE ™ technology. This technology enables a much higher yield of vital substances than any other twin gears, single screw or centrifugal juicer. The concentration of Calcium & Magnesium is up to 5 times higher in the Angel Juicer than in any other juicer. Even hard to press foods such as carrots or beetroot, as well as chlorophyll-containing foods such as wheat grass, herbs, salads, spinach and sprouts can easily be juiced with the Angel Juicer. The entire juicing attachment consists of only 4 parts making it much easier to clean than many other juicers. The Angel Juicer is the perfect celery juicer for cleanses such as the one designed by Anthony William.

It takes only simple tests for anyone to find out how well it can grind down the ingredients. Finely and evenly ground fibroid material can be visible when pulp is put in a glass of water. How well fibroid material was ground is equivalent to its extraction rate. SHG™ technology applied twin gears grind very finely as seen in image one. The Second picture shows the results when using a plastic and a stainless steel juicer. They simply can’t access some of the vital enzymes because the fibroid in the vegetables can’t be ground well enough in this old fashioned way. The third picture shows fibroid material you get when using a single gear. You will notice that it is essentially not ground at all.

  • Juicing method: twin gear
  • Auger Speed: 82 revolutions per minute
  • Automatic Reverse - Yes
  • Material of motor and twin gears - SUS304
  • Diameter of feeding chute: 42 mm
  • Power: 180 watts – NEW VERSION.
  • Voltage: 220-230V, 50Hz (for UK).
  • Plug: Detachable cord with standard UK power plug.
  • Weight: approx. 9.4 kgDimensions: 19.1 x 51.4 cm x 27.7 (width x depth x height) – motor based without attachment is approx. 30 cm deep.
Warranty of the Angel Juicers
Warranty for home use: 5 years on the entire engine block and gears as well as 3 years on any parts and attachments. Free Upgrade to 5 years warranty on any parts & attachments when you buy directly here on our website.
When used commercially the warranty is limited to 1 year – we recommend a 5 minute break after every 30 minutes.
Extended Warranty: We offer up to 10 years warranty on the Angel Juicer instead of the 5 years as an optional accessory. Click here for more details.

What’s in the box?
  • Angel Juicer motor block
  • Twin gear rollers
  • ‘Fine’ juicing screen (different screens available as accessories)
  • Juicing screen cover
  • Wooden tamper
  • 1 litre juice container (made from food-safe plastic)
  • Pulp collection container (made from food-safe plastic)
  • Round cleaning brush
  • Cleaning knife/scraper
  • Silicone screen seals
  • Detailed operating instructions
  • Optionally you can get the following accessories for the Angel Juicer:
  • Coarse screen – ideal for soft fruits (such as strawberries) and fruits with a high pulp content
  • Mashing screen housing (also known as blank or closed screen) – to make nut butters and sorbets
  • Grinding screen (to grind and chop)
  • stainless steel juice collecting cup
  • plastic juice collecting cup
  • different sizes of pulp collecting containers
  • glass juice collecting jug with measurement lines
  • wooden tamper with silicone ring (particularly useful for soft fruit)
  • Flat brush
  • Angel Juicer Product Highlights:
  • Maximum juice yield: Thanks to the 3-stage juicing system with twin gear rollers and a powerful motor, an Angel Juicer extracts more juice and nutrients from fruit, vegetables and leafy greens compared to other slow juicers!
  • Specialist for green juices: The Angel-Juicer-Juicing-Principle is perfect for the production of green juices like celery juice or wheatgrass-shots. Because fibrous ingredients are squeezed down to the “last drop” of juice.
  • Unique taste: full-bodied, velvety-soft in taste – the Angel Juicer makes the full range of nutrients of fresh, cold-pressed juices taste better than any other juicer!
  • Made of 100% stainless steel: With the exception of the seals, all parts are made of high-quality stainless steel. This makes the Angel Juicer extremely robust and a long-lasting kitchen appliance.
  • Quiet: With just 65db is is very quiet during operation
  • Stainless steel: Entirely made from stainless steel, so there is no risk of hazardous chemicals leaching out from plastic components. The detachable parts can also be put in the dishwasher.
  • The Angel Juicer can only be put into operation when fully assembled.
  • The Angel Juicer has a power switch on the back of the unit.
  • The Angel Juicer has a thermostat that prevents overheating.
  • The Angel Juicer has a built in clutch that prevents damage to the motor if an unacceptable object lands in the hopper.
  • The Angel Juicer is doubly protected against electric shocks by a dedicated main switch to protect the electronics from things such as lightning strikes.
  • The Angel Juicer features insulation between the motor and body to eliminate risk of electrical shock
  • Angel Juicer is seen by many as the leading slow juice manufacturer. More than 30 years of research and development have gone into the manufacturing of their Angel juicers – including the invention of the highly efficient juicing system with the twin press rollers – also known as twin gear – which goes back to this highly specialised Korean company. Angel Juicer use only high-quality and durable materials including making the horizontal juicer housing, gears and screens entirely of stainless steel, each unit being assembled and quality controlled by hand.

Juice Quality
Full-bodied, velvety-soft and clear juice.
The juice quality from an Angel Juicer impresses with its uniquely full-bodied taste. An Angel Juicer not only gets the maximum amount of liquid and nutrients out of the ingredients, but also the maximum amount of taste. The juices are so incredibly velvety-soft, have a clear consistency and almost free of foam (pineapple will always produce foam due to the nature of the fruit). Mixed juices made from leafy greens, vegetables and a small amount of fruit taste simply fantastic.

The supreme discipline of clear green juices
The Angel Juicers are exceptionally excellent machines when comes to making green juices. Fibrous leafy greens such as wheatgrass or wild herbs are quickly drawn in and squeezed to the last drop. The Angel Juicer works so highly efficiently with its twin press rollers made of stainless steel that its investment pays off in the long term. Because significantly fewer ingredients are required for the same amount of juice than when producing juice with other slow juicers.

Clear vegetable and / or fruit juices
Another strength of the Angel Juicer is the juicing of hard ingredients such as B. carrots or firm apples. Here, too, the Angel Juicer gets the maximum juice and taste out of fruit and vegetables. Of course, soft ingredients such as ripe pears, pineapple, a piece of lemon or orange can also be juiced in the Angel Juicer. We recommend juicing soft ingredients alternately with hard ingredients so that there is no build-up of liquid.

Fruit juices made from soft ingredients
If you would like to make pure pineapple juice or a mixed juice from soft, overripe fruit, you need the wooden pusher with silicone ring. This ensures that there is no backlog of liquid when juicing soft ingredients.

Thicker juices with the coarse sieve
Even if the Angel Juicer is known for clear juices, you can also use it to make thicker juices with a kind of smoothie consistency. However, this is only possible with the coarse sieve, which is not included in the standard scope of delivery. For thick juices z. B. particularly good soft ingredients or overripe banana and pears.

Ginger and / or turmeric shots
The Angel Juicer is perfect for making ginger or turmeric shots. For this purpose, it is used in juice bars because it squeezes the tubers to the maximum and enables a clear juice without residues.

Fresh sauerkraut juice
Probiotic foods like fresh sauerkraut can be a bit much for the tastebuds of some people. The solution: Simply add a portion of sauerkraut in combination with spinach, cucumber and a little lemon to the Angel Juicer. The Angel Juicer can not only juice sauerkraut thinly and clearly, but also allows its taste to develop extremely mild making for an exceptionally healthy drink.

Celery juice
In the celery juice juicer test performed by Grüne Smoothies GmbH, Berlin, 8/2019, the Angel Juicer with the highest juice yield emerged as the clear winner. With an average of 402ml, the Angel Juicer got the most juice out of 500g of celery and is the most efficient way of juicing healthy vegetables. In addition, the celery juice from the Angel Juicer is not only fibre-free, it also tastes uniquely full-bodied and soft.

If you drink large quantities of freshly squeezed celery juice every day, buying the Angel Juicer will pay off in the long term. Because no slow juicer can produce 100ml of celery juice as cheaply as an Angel Juicer!

Other than juice, what else can I make?
The Angel Juicer can not only be used for the production of cold-pressed juices. Further options become available with the use of different screens that are available as optional accessories:

Mashing screen for making purees, baby food, sorbets from frozen fruits, hummus and salsas or sauces.
Grinding screen for making nut butters from cashews, peanuts and much more.
Operation and handling of the Angel Juicer
The Angel Juicer is easy to assemble. All in all, there are only 4 parts – twin gears , screen housing, feed chute and the screen cover – have to be put together. The feed chute has a diameter of 4.3 cm – accordingly, the ingredients have to be cut a little smaller than this.

There is a power switch on the back of the Angel Juicer, which is used to put the device into stand-by mode. The control panel with the 3 functions (start, stop and reverse) is to the right-hand side of the machine. Simply press the start button to start juicing. Now feed the juice ingredients into the chute and gently press the pusher/plunger towards the press rollers. In a 3-stage process, the ingredients are now crushed, mixed and pressed. The juice exits directly into the juice jug below the sieve housing, while the pomace is ejected into the pomace collection container at the front.
The juicing process is finished when all the ingredients have come out in the form of pulp and no more juice drips out of the juice outlet. Now switch the control panel to stop and turn off the unit using the power switch.

Tip: It is best to let the Angel Juicer run a little longer, as there will still be a few drops of juice, even if no more pulp comes out.

When the Angel Juicer is blocked
It is possible that the Angel Juicer’s safety sensor interrupts the juicing process because the press rollers are blocked. This could happen if a hard foreign object (cutlery, etc.) accidentally lands in the juicer. The slow juicer will then stop by itself and beep. The blockage is now easily released with the reverse function.
While the reverse function has to be initiated manually on the Angel Juicer 5500, it kicks in automatically on the Angel Juicer 7500 and Angel Juicer 8500S. The twin press rollers now rotate backwards. The blockage has been resolved. Now the juicing process has to be started again with the start button.

Cleaning the Angel Juicer
The Angel Juicer is best cleaned immediately after use. This prevents the juice residues from drying out and the individual parts can be rinsed easily directly under lukewarm water. To do this, the Angel Juicer is disassembled. Before you clean the screen, feed chute, press rollers and screen cover under running water, the first step is to roughly remove the pulp residues directly into your organic waste bin. This prevents the drain in the sink from clogging. To clean the sieve, use the scraper to better remove possible fibre residues from fruit, vegetables and green leaves. Then you clean all parts with the cleaning brush provided. For the feeding chute, we recommend that you use a round cleaning brush as found in most households. Finally, dry off the juicer parts with a kitchen towel and reassemble the Angel Juicer. Rinse the juice container and pulp container well and dry them.

Since the stainless steel parts of the Angel Juicer are dishwasher safe, you can also clean them in the dishwasher. We recommend cleaning in the dishwasher as an occasional thorough cleaning. Before doing this, you should still quickly rinse off all components by hand and remove any coarse pulp residue.

Recommended accessories for the Angel Juicer
Angel Juicer coarse screen for juices made from soft ingredients
The Angel Juicer is always delivered with a fine screen, which is perfect for most applications. However, if you also drink pure juices made from soft ingredients, i.e. without adding hard ingredients such as carrots, celery or beetroot, we greatly suggest also getting the coarse screen, otherwise there will be too much backlog when juicing. As a rule of thumb for what is soft and what is hard, everything that you can easily crush in your hand is considered a soft ingredient: This includes, for example, pineapple, bananas, mango, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, etc. Carrots are considered to be hard ingredients, as are beetroot, leafy greens, celery, etc.

Angel Juicer wooden pusher with silicone ring
You can use it to make clear juices very easily from soft ingredients and overripe fruit. Thanks to the silicone ring on the wooden pusher, the ingredients are moved to the press rollers with help of the air pressure created by the seal, which very effectively prevents the pressurised ingredients from backing up or liquid overflowing from the feed chute. But be careful: don’t press too hard, otherwise the juice will drip out of the device. With us, the wooden pusher with silicone ring is included with every Angel Juicer.


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